White papers can be a powerful tool to communicate your position on any of a variety of topics related to your business.  The white paper should be a factual, non-commercialized presentation of a thesis by the author and should serve to educate the reader on a specific topic or area of interest.  Generally a white paper will present an issue, discuss several different ways of addressing the issue and articulate why the approach your company has chosen is superior to other alternatives.

A well-written and compelling white paper can become a powerful marketing tool and serve as a call to action for your constituents to pursue implementing a solution such as the one your company offers.  An effective white paper will serve to generate leads as well as reinforce your credibility and thought leadership in your domain.

Depending on the complexity of your offerings, it may make sense to plan a series of white papers over time to establish and reinforce your thought leadership and approaches to various issues related to your business. We can help you to develop an effective white paper strategy for your specific market.

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