Recently Bank of America scrapped its plan to charge its customers $5 per month for your using their debit cards to make purchases as the result of an uprising from their customer base, largely conducted through Facebook. Netflix recently shelved its plan to split is movie rental business as the result of a consumer uprising that was also largely conducted through social media.

Social media is a reality that has permeated all corners of our society and has made it a requirement for every organization that has customers to consider social media when developing their marketing strategy.

Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service.  Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.  In order to develop the best social media strategy it is important to understand who your customers are and how they use social media in relation to your company and your offerings.  We can help you to understand the “why’s of social media for your company and provide the know how to develop and implement a strategy that is right for you.

    LINKEDIN – very popular business networking and communication
    TWITTER – a “microblog” for brief real time messaging
    FACEBOOK – very popular for personal networking
    YOUTUBE – #2 search engine on the web and growing

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