A consistent forecast process will provide a company with a window into where its revenues are coming from.  Each company will have its own nuances to how it sells and how it monitors its sales activities, but there are some elements that should exist in all company.

The Sales Forecast should reflect qualified attainable business and should be a best available record of the value and timing of its sales activities.  Everyone in the company needs to have a shared sense of urgency around the sales forecast in order for it to have maximum value.  It should always be kept current and may be represented in a spreadsheet, a CRM system or a standard form.  A sales forecast should focus on business that is predictable and attainable within a reasonable period of time and should not be confused with a sales pipeline.

The Pipeline:

  • Reflects qualified opportunities that you are pursuing
  • Should be used as a communication vehicle
  • Total should exceed X times remaining quota
  • Should be reviewed weekly to determine:
    • What can be moved into the forecast?
    • What can I do to move this along this week?
    • Should include metrics for products (seats, platforms) and any contingencies
    • Is more than a wish list, but not a forecast

We have the experience to help you adopt the forecasting approach the fits your business and have the ability to participate in your process over time to ensure that it works for you.

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