SALES EXECUTION – Territory Definition

Every sales person needs to have a clear understanding of what their territory is, where their opportunities are and where the boundaries are.  A clearly defined territory assignment will sharpen the focus of your sales team and clarify what is expected of them.

In addition to defining the territory it is important to communicate where the opportunities lie within the territory.  Whether it be the number of Fortune 500 accounts, number of companies that fit your target account profile, competitive accounts, or any other identifying characteristic your sales team needs to understand where they should focus their planning and understand that there are ample opportunities for them to explore.

In the inevitable case where there are sales opportunities that cross boundaries or sales channels, there needs to be a process for determining quota and commission implications to encourage joint efforts.

We can provide the analysis and experience to develop the right approach to segmenting your sales territories and help you to identify the target markets for your offerings within those territories.

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    This is a very well drafted and well thought out article. It is good to see information like this that ultimately benefits the reader. Thank You Peak Performance Sales Training

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