SALES EXECUTION – How to Make a Cold Call Warm

With all of the information that is available through the internet and trade publications and various other sources there should be no such thing as a cold call.   Having a disciplined approach to researching and preparing for sales campaigns and calls should be an integral part of every sales organization.

  • Analyze company website
  • Read the annual report
    • Read the management overview
    • Identify corporate goals & objectives
    • Build your strategy to complement the corporate strategy
    • Look for auditors for potential networking opportunities
  • Read the trade press
    • Become familiar with industry issues
    • If you read about a potential customer in your territory call them
    • Exploit customers’ 15 minutes of fame
  • Get to know complementary vendors
    • They often have many contacts in accounts
    • Your solution can help them to sell their products and broaden the solutions that you bring to your customer
  • Network
    • You know a lot of people – there is mutual benefit in talking with them
    • People generally enjoy being able to help others – just ask
    • Always follow through on all networked leads
  • Be resourceful and be prepared

We can help you to implement a strategy for your sales team to identify and leverage the optimum information sources to increase their sales effectiveness.

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