SALES EXECUTION – Sales Call Planning

Not every sales person has had the benefit of a formal structured training program; many sales people have no formal sales training at all.  JLeet Consulting can create and conduct a  training curriculum tailored to your business or we can help you to select and prepare an external specialist if required.  No one should be talking with your customers without some fundamental principles under their belt.

An example of “The Planned Sales Call”:

  • Opening
    • Use an open-ended question
    • Build on your responses to develop two-way communication
  • Interest
    • Use an Initial Benefit Statement (IBS) to:
      • Transition into the business portion of the call
      • Justify further discussion
  • Need
    • Establish key business requirements using funnelling technique:
      • Goals/objectives
      • Priority sequence
      • How much, by when
      • Customer strategy
      • Information/data requirements
  • Need Summary
    • Verify understanding of specific needs through a concise summary
    • Verify significant interest in your solution through a qualification question
  • Solution
    • Overview a relevant solution
    • Describe specific features, relate advantages, seek reaction (F-A-R)
    • Relate the advantage to the customer needs
  • Close
    • Ask for a realistic commitment based on the progress of the call
    • Use a fundamental close:
      • Assumptive statement
      • Summary of agreed to benefits
      • Closing question
    • Present a plan of action
      • What you will do/What they will do
      • Establish a basis for next call
      • Managing Objections
        • Question for complete understanding
        • Paraphrase the objection
        • Address the objection positively and correctly

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    Excellent article. Well written and to the point Thank You Peak Performance Sales Training

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