MARKETING STRATEGY – Positioning Statement

The positioning statement is the framework that defines and identifies your company to your customers, your employees, your stakeholders and the outside world.  An effective positioning statement not only communicates what your company does, but how and why it does it better than other alternatives and competitors.

It is critical for every company to have an effective positioning statement to establish an identity and gain brand awareness and recognition.  The positioning statement is the cornerstone that all other marketing messaging emanates from.  There are numerous ways to develop a positioning statement and a number of branding and PR firms that specialize in helping companies develop positioning statements.  Your company may not be at a point where it is cost or time effective to embark on a full blown PR campaign, but you still need to have the fundamentals in place in order to establish yourself and build a base to grow on.

JLeet Consulting can help you to develop an effective positioning statement for your company to unify your outbound communications and help your company to establish a consistent identity.

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