Lead generation and development is a constantly increasing challenge for marketeers in every industry.  While many of the traditional sources still exist and can be effective for some customers, product offerings, and industries the proliferation of social media has changed everything in the world of marketing and lead generation.

Much of the focus in lead development has evolved into developing a non-transactional relationship prior to earning the opportunity to sell to customers.  Companies are interacting with their customers in frequent and personalized approaches through affinity groups and web-based communities.

Customers are demanding more self-service capabilities and redefining the role of the salesperson.  The constant onslaught of invasive marketing practices has rendered many of them as ineffective and obsolete; when was the last time that you bought something that was introduced to you through a cold call?

Sales people still need to be able to prospect for new business and cannot rely solely on inbound leads to keep them busy.  New, less invasive and targeted approaches have proven to be effective in assuring a flow of new prospects and building healthy pipelines.

My team can help you to identify and implement the most effective approach for generating and developing leads for your business.

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