In order to get top performance out of your sales function it is critical to have the human resources elements thought-through and structured.  Everyone that is part of the sales function needs to understand exactly what their role is, what the roles of their teammates are, and what resources are available to them to assist in the sales process.  It is important for them to clearly understand what they need to do to be successful, what they are being measured on, and how they are getting compensated.

It is important to have the right combination of compensation elements to be able to attract the caliber of individuals that you desire and reward the type of behaviors that will assure your success.

It is also important to have clear plan for adding additional members to the sales team and make sure that both your organization and your sales team are ready to hit the ground running.  Hiring, training and compensating the sales team is expensive, but not as expensive as having the wrong team, a poorly performing team, or no team at all.

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