HUMAN RESOURCES – Role Definition

It is important for everyone in the sales function to know exactly what their job is as well as what the jobs are of their colleagues on the sales team.   Teams will function better when all members are clear on what their role is, what is expected of them, what they need to do be successful and what elements comprise their variable compensation.

High levels of job descriptions might include the following:

Account Executive

  • Responsible for sales of XXX product(s) into (territory description)
  • Responsible for developing (product) distribution channel
  • Compensation Elements
  • Critical Success Factors

Sales Engineer

  • Responsible for technical sales support of (company) products into major accounts.
  • Responsible for developing technical support plan for sales
  • Responsible for generating billable services revenue
  • Compensation
  • Critical Success Factors

Sales Development Representative

  • Responsible for generating new qualified sales opportunities
  • Focused 100% on outbound prospecting
  • Measured on qualified leads passed on to sales

Market Response Representative

  • Responsible for qualifying all inbound leads and inquiries
  • Focused 100% on inbound prospecting
  • Measured on qualified leads passed on to sales

We help you to develop the right role definitions and delegation of responsibilities to get maximum effectiveness out of your sales team.


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