Your sales function is your business’s face to your customers; it is through sales that your prospective customers will form their opinions about your company.  It is through your sales function that you articulate your specific value proposition to your prospective customers.

Sales FrameworkEqually importantly, it is through sales that your customers communicate their specific requirements and reactions to your offering back to your company.  They will tell you what they like and dislike about your offering, how you can do better and how you stack up against the alternative solutions that are available.

Make sure that your sales function is prepared for the vital role that they play in your business.  Even if you have seasoned sales and marketing talent on your team do they have the bandwidth to fulfill all of the tasks that are demanded of them?

I have been through some of the best sales and marketing training in the world including IBM sales training, IBM Management School in Armonk, NY, seminars at Wharton, Harvard, MIT, University of Virginia and other academic institutions.  I am a graduate of Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling (which I am also an avid user and advocate of) and have completed countless sales training curriculums.

My professional existence is immersed in the world of sales and marketing; I subscribe to numerous topical newsletters and periodicals, attend several webinars per week, talk to sales and marketing peers around the clock, and I am constantly on the prowl for new ideas.

I have partnered with the best sales and marketing people that I know to create a compelling set of offerings to help you to realize the benefit of our combined abilities.






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