Q.  “Our start-up company  has funding to build out our offering and do some business development, but it would be premature to bring in high priced sales and marketing talent before we have really established what works and where.  How can you help us?”

 A.  We can help you to institute a sales and marketing framework that makes sure that you are maximizing opportunities now and scale with you as your business grows.  We can work with you on a part time basis until you are ready to begin recruiting permanent marketing and sales talent.   We can help you to select and manage web designers, PR firms, recruiters and other third parties that specialize in sales and marketing functions that require specialized knowledge in order to deliver services to your business as cost-effectively as possible.


Q.  “I run a small network integration company that has been successful and stable for many years.  I know that I need to develop a broader base of customers, but I would much rather be working on other aspects of the business than sales and really don’t enjoy prospecting and cold calling.  What can you do for me?”

A. We can work with you to develop a targeted sales campaign to develop prospects in your target market.   We can find the approach that will get us directly to your target customers, develop the messaging that will most likely evoke a response and execute an email and phone campaign that will deliver qualified leads to you.  We can work with you to develop a shared risk/performance-based compensation model that will minimize your out of pocket expenses up front.

Q.  “Our company is getting ready to release a new product that will require our sales force begin to sell directly to large corporate users, whereas historically we have sold exclusively through distributors and resellers.   Is there anything that you can do to help prepare our sales team?”

 A.  We have extensive experience in developing sales teams to both handle new products and enter new markets.  We can help you to develop your team so that they can approach the new challenges with the skills and training required to be successful with the new challenges.

Q. “As CEO of an entrepreneurial company I am spending a disproportionate amount of time managing our marketing and sales partners.  I have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to learn their vocabulary and figuring what questions I should be asking them.  I am spending a lot of my time and theirs working through the fundamentals, which is costing me a lot of time and money and preventing us to getting to the deeper level discussions where they can really add value.  What can you do to help me?”

A.  As an adjunct to your team, we can develop workable sales and marketing plans so that when specialists are brought in they are working off a documented set of requirements rather than a blank slate.  We can develop the essentials so that the specialized providers are focused on higher level issues to help you to derive the maximal value from them.  We can speak their language and offload some of the more elemental tasks so that you are only paying them to perform the tasks where they truly add value.

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