One of the observations that my technology sales colleagues and I share is how few technology sales people truly understand how and where their product is offering business value.  To sustain a sales cycle that is based on providing business value one needs to have a clear understanding of the problem that their solution solves and the pain that it alleviates.   In addition they must be able to articulate why their company and their offerings are a better choice than the other alternatives that are available to the customer.

With the right level of domain knowledge your team can help your prospects through the evaluation process and help them develop the criteria to make the best decision.  One of the most effective sales tools that I have used has been the use of a study methodology for validating the customers need and solidifying your business case.  A study can help your customer develop their internal justification, expose your team to key people in your customer’s organization and help you to build a rock-solid business case.

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