Product Sheets can be especially useful when trying to advertise to a company or other client for a specific purpose. Use product sheets to display a product specific to that client’s needs.

Best Practices:

  • Choose a product. Decide what product is to be displayed using a Product Sheet.
  • Add a heading. At the top of the paper, place the name of your company as well as the name of the product. For a more professional appearance, add your company logo or colors.
  • Add a description. Write exactly what the product is and when it can be used, listing its features. Since the goal is to sell the product, make sure this is written in an enticing manner.
  • Add steps. Write the procedure for using the product.
  • Necessary information. Be sure to include any information the consumer would need to know when buying the product, such as where they can find it, any requirements for using the product, any warranties, or other products that go with it.
  • Add visuals. Product Sheets are highly detailed advertisements. Visuals, pictures of the product, and diagrams representing your company will help to maintain the readers’ attention as well as helping them to further understand the product. Creating a Product Sheet can be made easier using the Forms template offered by SmartDraw.
  • Distribute. You can mail your Product Sheets, put them on a website, or set them out for people to pick up. It is important that potential buyers view the Product Sheet.

We can help you with the development and production of product sheets that are integral with your overall marketing plans.

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