A major component of optimizing a company’s marketing plan is determining how it is going to get its offerings to its end customers and to develop a distribution or channel strategy.

There are a number of factors that go into selecting which channel(s) to sell through including distribution costs, where your customers are most likely to buy your offerings and where your company is planning to invest its resources.  For each channel strategy there are a number of trade-offs that must be evaluated to determine which channels are best for your company and its offerings.

Examples of channel partners include:

  • Distributors – who sell to and manage the retailers/resellers who sell to the ultimate consumer;
  • Retailers/resellers – who sell directly to the end customers
  • Partners – where combining the offerings of one or more companies provides benefits for all involved parties
  • Franchising – where the right to sell your products and or services are sold to an independent entity under a mutually agreed upon license agreement
  • Direct Sales where your sales force sells directly to your end customer.

JLeet Consulting can help you to evaluate the different channel options and assist you in  developing the distribution strategy that makes sense for your business.

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