• Small businesses need competitive marketing and/or sales capabilities but not necessarily full time employees.
  • Specialized outsourced sales & marketing services are readily available but can be expensive and require time and expertise to manage;


The concept word cloud

  • My team of highly experienced and accomplished sales and marketing professionals can perform specific tasks and/or projects as an adjunct to your staff.
  • Basic sales and marketing infrastructure can be established at a reduced rate and specialized services can be coordinated by my team, minimizing distractions for management.



  • The entrepreneur can perform marketing and sales tasks with no outlay of cash, but at a considerable cost of time learning, managing and executing.
  • As an extension of your staff, my team and I can develop and execute sales and marketing plans for most small companies at a moderate expense and coordinate the use of outside specialists as needed.
  • Outside specialists are only brought into qualified situations and selected based on their ability to address the specific needs where they can add maximum value.

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  1. This is a very good article in that it gets to the root of the issue. It is not often that we comment on articles such as this however this article gives good information and ultimately benefits the reader. Thank You

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