sales and marketing frameworkThe Entrepreneur is responsible for delivering on a wide variety of sales and marketing demands. Even with a strong sales & marketing background there is often more to do than a limited sized staff can handle. Some demands will require third party providers to deliver services to fulfill the needs of the business, but defining the requirements, selecting the right providers and managing the relationships with the outside providers requires a significant amount of management focus.

JLeet Consulting has the experience and qualifications to perform a variety of standard sales and marketing tasks and will identify where deeper expertise is required.  We can articulate requirements to contractors, select best provider(s) for the job, and manage the relationships with outside parties. Specialized outside contractors are only spending time on activities where they are truly providing unique value to the company.

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  1. DNunez says:

    I am intrigued by your concept. I am a consultant to a management institute and to several companies that could use this type of service if cost effective.
    Send a deeper description of process and also fees i.e. what % of sales do you expect

  2. Being in the Sales and Sales Management Trainnig business it is good to see when authors hit the nail on the head. Thank You Peak Performance Sales Training

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