wordle2015“It’s rare that you come across someone as authentic and personable as Jon…I was always amazed at Jon’s ability to consider the points of view of key stakeholders and gain their support toward a common interest or goal. Regardless of the challenges, Jon quickly identified the appropriate path to overcoming it and got everyone else on board. If you’re looking for truly self-motivated sales and marketing leadership with absolute integrity, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Jon!” R.O. – Colleague

“Jon excelled at establishing great relationships with our potential and current customers which assured them that we were there to help solve their problem, not just sell them software. We had always heard positive comments about how he had listened to what they needed and put together a solution tailored for them….Jon increased sales by 35% and closed some very big deals for us….Jon’s expertise helped us close several deals that helped take our company to the next level….I would highly recommend Jon as he would be an asset to any sales team driven to get results.” – A. P. JLeet Consulting Client

“Jon is a knowledgeable and accomplished professional that builds relationships with co-workers and customers. Jon leverages his executive presence and excellent communication skills to make senior customer decision-makers comfortable with his recommendations. Jon adapts well to new customer opportunities and does the required homework to be productive and contribute quickly to any new challenge. Jon has strong people skills working with customers, partners and co-workers. He is always 100% committed to resolving difficult issues. Jon has the ability to understand and apply market intelligence to his sales strategy. His consultative selling skills, high level of financial and business acumen, and unequivocal integrity make Jon a formidable sales executive.” – G. N. JLeet Consulting Partner

“Jon’s innate abilities to navigate clients, build relationships and hold strategic conversations with the C level suite made our dealings run very smoothly and efficiently. His knowledge, experience and expertise was vital in the growth of not only my Robert Half Technology footprint but his client’s business as well. He is a trusted partner and tremendous value add to any organization looking to grow its sales and marketing function.” – G. B. . JLeet Consulting Partner

“Working with Jon was a pleasure and an invaluable learning experience. He is a thorough professional, is always willing to help others, and exhibits a great work ethic. He came up with innovative marketing plans and was extremely focused on creating value for the company. Jon was always there to mentor me, and I have no doubt that my learnings from him will help me advance my career. I would recommend Jon as a valuable asset for any organization seeking a sales and marketing professional with innovative ideas and strong work ethic.” V. J. – Colleague

“Jon is a “top notch professional and technical expert” … diligence and attention to detail…. work ethic, … understands complex technical software operations… work well with diverse group of people. Jon has exceptional communication skills and an extraordinary ability to capture all aspects of Account Management. Additionally, he is 100% reliable.”  E. W. – Customer

“Jon is a thorough sales professional who is excellent at managing a sales process and developing strong relationships with clients and prospects.”  J. H. –Manager

“a partner with integrity, truly seeking to understand needs and then delivering!” D. S. – Customer

“perfect combination of analytical and software knowledge coupled with excellent market knowledge (including competitive positioning) and interpersonal skills.” M. M. – Colleague

“very detail oriented….you could rely on him to do a professional job…always worked well as part of the team effort …. maintained a solid relationship with our clients … responsive to our sales deadlines… never compromised this trust by being overbearing or too demanding, which clients respected… consultative sales approach…trusted advisor.” R. N. – Colleague

“consistently professional and assertive. His knowledge of Business Rules/BPM tools and how to provide value to his clients are the backbone of Jon’s selling skills. We had an excellent working relationship and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jon.” D. Y. – Colleague

“a consummate professional, always polished and focused…works well in both the strategic aspect of sales as well as the tactical execution of the process. His excellent communication and management of the sales team was the key to many successful sales cycles.” D. L. – Colleague

“especially skilled at understanding the politics of an organization and how best to highlight the nuances of a solution to the needs of the individuals involved in the selection process” R. N. – Colleague

“a trustworthy sales professional highly respected and valued by customers and colleagues alike. He is a hard worker and an outstanding team player. He built great relationships with his customers and colleagues, always demonstrating integrity in his dealings with people.” S. S. – Colleague

“Jon reported to me in one of the most important competitive positions with IBM … ultimate responsibility for convincing them to change their minds and stick with IBM. Jon was #1 when it came to winning back these decisions, primarily due to his ability to relate to the CEO / CFO level of large corporations.”  S. Y. – Manager

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