Everyone needs top notch sales and marketing skills, but many companies cannot bear the expense of hiring  top talent on a full time basis.  I created this business to fill the gaps that exist in so many small and emerging businesses.

I have been through some of the best sales and marketing training in the world including IBM sales training, IBM Management School in Armonk, NY, seminars at Wharton, Harvard, MIT, University of Virginia and other academic institutions.  I have been certified in Enterprise Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Rules Engines, and Enterprise Resource Management among other technologies.  I am a graduate of Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling (which I am also an avid user and advocate of) and have completed countless sales training curriculums.

My professional existence is immersed in the world of sales and marketing; I subscribe to numerous topical newsletters and periodicals, attend several webinars per week, talk to sales and marketing peers around the clock, and I am constantly on the prowl for new ideas.  I have partnered with the best sales and marketing people that I know to create a compelling set of offerings.

professional experienceI consistently over-achieved quota objectives in large companies, including IBM and Oracle, and small start-up companies across a variety of industries and customers.  I have closets full of sales awards, and drawers filled with pictures from quota club trips.  In my 25+ years of direct sales, marketing and management I have sold innovative application software and consulting services to very complex and diverse customers, launched and expanded into new industry verticals, and driven initial sales of new products.  I have developed direct sales strategies, recruited sales teams, established quotas and territories, developed compensation plans, technical support plans, sales training, and customer pilot programs.

I have created, developed and implemented focused marketing plans on an industry-specific, product-specific and company-wide basis.  I have recent experience in web-site design and authoring, social media planning, development of sales collateral, selection and launch of sales tools including salesforce.com, and sales cycle execution.   I have selected and managed relationships with PR firms, web design firms, social media consulting firms and other specialized marketing firms.

I believe that the combination of my skills and experience and that of my team is of great value to new and/or smaller companies that are looking to develop high caliber sales and marketing capabilities without committing to hiring full-time staff.


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  1. jonleet says:

    You can send me an email at jon@jleetconsulting.com or call me at 781 544-0312

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