Wireless WANS 101

Wireless WANs are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for providing very high performance communications between buildings in hospitals, corporate and college campuses and other sites where secure, high speed connectivity is required between buildings within relatively close proximity of each other.


Wireless WANs are often a preferred alternative to organizations who:


  • Find that high bandwidth fiber connections are prohibitive costly,
  • Are having right of way issues when evaluating high bandwidth fiber connections,
  • Find that a wireless link shows a rapid pay back vs. lower bandwidth T1 leased lines,
  • Want independence from the utility companies (phone, CATV, etc.),
  • Want to establish an alternative medium backup to their ground based cable connection(s),
  • Need the flexibility to be able to set up connectivity with little or no advance notice,
  • Can’t wait for the lead times offered by the phone or CATV provider,
  • Need to connect to a site not currently connected by cable; i.e. “last mile connectivity”, and
  • Find the economic and performance benefits of wireless to be their best choice.


FASTLINKS delivers state-of-the-art building-to-building wireless wide area networking solutions cost-effectively so that customers with multiple locations can maintain and expand seamless networking.  We offer secure, dedicated point-to-point connectivity of LAN, voice and video communications specializing in the design, implementation & support of high capacity free space optic (FSO) & radio frequency (RF) wireless systems.

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