There is no shortage of firms that are happy to provide you with advice.  The challenge for many businesses is not necessarily needing someone to tell them what do, but having someone that will actually roll up their sleeves, become part of your team and execute sales and marketing activities.

That is what I do.

I have the experience and expertise to quickly enhance any organization that is looking to increase its revenues and improve its marketing effectiveness.

JLeet Consulting offers top notch sales and marketing skills to companies that either cannot bear the expense of hiring full-time top talent or who only need to supplement their existing staff on a temporary basis.

For the last 6 years I have been leveraging my skills to help clients to dramatically increase their revenues and improve their overall sales and marketing strategies. I have helped clients to upgrade their market focus and driven the execution of the strategy by acting as the face to their customers and their partner ecosystem.

All of my client engagements have been comprised of developing sales strategy, developing and executing sales campaigns, and leading customer facing activities.  All of my engagements have resulted in dramatic and measurable increases in revenue for my clients.

Each of my engagements has included a combination of sales, marketing and business development activities depending on the specific priorities and needs of each client.

Please contact me to learn more – the initial consultation is on me.

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